What Students are saying about CWC TRiO-Student Support Services

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 “The availability of tutors; all questions were answered with a pleasant and professional attitude with information on what to do or how to handle the situation I was asking about.”         ~Linda Breschini~   
“Figuring out what classes transferred so I could plan my semester. Figuring out an action plan of classes to take and anticipated graduation date.”                                           ~Charles Aragon~
“Very nice; if I had a question they helped me understand.”                                                       ~Jessica Araiza~
“1.  The atmosphere that you walk into when entering the ‘lounge’ area is very contagious.     2.  All of the staff available makes coming here enjoyable, also there isn’t a long wait (if any) if you need to talk to one of them.     3.  The supplies available were also a huge help in my educational success!”                                                                                                       ~Georgianna Holley~
“The FAFSA workshop was very helpful.  And also just being able to talk to someone about anything I needed help with, in terms of my classes; especially with my radio class and finding people willing to be on the radio to help with my assignments.”               ~Nichole Tillman~

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